Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1: 30 day shred

So today I moved my lazy butt and started the 30 day shred. It wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong it is TOUGH but its definitely not impossible. I also kinda liked Jillian's encouragement of telling me that I'm going to have to work at getting those abs I want. She also mentions that she has had 400-pound people do jumping jacks so I can do it too.

Last night I downloaded Yoga Zone - Weight Loss for Beginners which I also ended up doing after the 30 minute killer circuit training. I've always been wanting to get in to yoga but I couldn't afford it so downloading a video and doing it at home should suffice for now. I like the combination of the circuit training and the yoga so I hope I can keep it up!

Hopefully I'll be beach ready for Boracay in October. I CAN DO THIS!

weight: 139 lbs
waist: 33.5in
hips: 40.25in
chest: 39in

I decided not to measure thighs and arms coz I don't think I'm measuring the same place hehe.

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