Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All About The Inches

After reading all these inspiring blogs of lovely ladies who have lost so much weight, I realized that my weight shouldn't be the only indication. Especially since sometimes even if you're losing your fat, you're gaining muscle (or something like that). So my goal is to become 36-26-34. Or somewhere along those measurements! Oh and I will be as sexy as that lady in the picture!

As of today, my measurements are:
chest - 39
waist - 34.25
hips - 41
right arm - 10.75
left arm - 10.75
right thigh - 22.75
left thigh - 22.75

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is it... for real!

And yet again, I make ANOTHER resolution that this time, I really WILL lose weight. Between you and me, this is my 2nd attempt at a blog to help me lose weight. But I realized, I need a support system. I tend to make excuses to myself and I hate it. I need to be more disciplined! I need to eat healthy and in moderation and more importantly, I need to exercise regularly. I don't usually overeat but I think there's still a possibility I lessen the fatty stuff.

Thanks to The Secret and all these other things I've been reading, I want to take a more positive approach to weight loss this time. I want this to be about healthy living. I actually found out a couple of months ago that I have PCOS and I really need to change my lifestyle. Eat healthy. Exercise... 2 goals that sound pretty simple!

I can do this. I WILL do this. That's my pinky promise.